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Lack of chips causes delays in IT equipment deliveries

The main manufacturers involved in the computer market are concerned about the lack of chips. They do not see it possible to meet all the demand in a short period of time.

Added to this is the increase in the prices of some components and as a consequence there is an increase in costs, passing on the final price to users. If the increase continues to rise, it may slow down the demand for some consumer equipment, such as PCs.
The lack of some components and at the same time the increase in the cost of new manufacturing, causes delays in the delivery of computer equipment.

The customer ends up paying more for the equipment and with longer deliveries than stipulated.
In a normal situation delivery times can range from one to two months, now the delivery period can be up to five months.

Industry professionals believe that this is a problem that is difficult to solve. It will be corrected when production increases. This will happen, but in the long term.

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