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Fiction or reality: Metaverse

The metaverse is yet to be defined. It is proposed as an ecosystem, a digital world, in which users interact through different immersive technologies, such as virtual reality viewers, haptic wearables… that merge the real world with the virtual one.

We will feel the virtual world as the real one thanks to an infrastructure that will be channeled through an intelligent network that, through Artificial Intelligence systems, will capture and generate real-time data from each user, offering a complete recreation of the natural reality, to interact with other users and artificial intelligences.

The differences in the metaverse approach being proposed by each of the major technology companies have led to the emergence of the first critical voices regarding data protection in the metaverse and privacy guarantees.

The metaverse also raises challenges related to the protection of privacy and the right to honor and intellectual property.

With the development of all technologies, the time will come to address the regulation of very novel issues, such as the field of mental privacy and neuro-rights.

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